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OTT services will be Vital in Driving Telecom Growth: Experts 13 December 2016

OTT services will be Vital in Driving Telecom Growth

Experts warn that telecommunications companies must have to focus on over the top services as primary growth driver in 2017, as these services are going to experience a major boom in coming days. Analysts also stated that the increasing availability of OTT services, social media and internet enabled gadgets in daily life will lead to much faster rate, about 60%.

The Indonesian telecommunications industry has grown between 12 to 14% per year in last three years, making it the most stable industry in the country. The experts also stated that data revenue for Indonesia’s major telcom companies increased from 52.6% to 72.7% from 2015 to 2016, given the public had become more dependent on OTT services than ever.


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