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Most popular Cable Cutting device – Roku 31 July 2017


In today’s times streaming services are on the rise with streaming service players vying for the top spot and coming up with best-bundled packages to benefit the customer.

However, the successful performance of streaming is dependent upon streaming devices like smart TVs or dedicated streaming boxes. With almost every major tech giant venturing into offering their own streaming service as well as offering their own version of a streaming device, cord cutters have a multitude of device options to choose from. Currently, Roku has emerged as the leader in this segment.

As per new data from eMarketer, 38.9 million American households use a Roku device atleast once a month to stream video. 36.9 million used Chromecast, 35.8 million used Amazon Fire TV devices and 21.3 million streamed via Apple TV. One factor resulting in Roku being the leader in streaming devices could likely be due to the fact that Roku is somewhat freely able to strike agreements with any major streaming service or video provider.

eMarketer data further reveals that 168.1 million people in the US will stream video using an internet-connected TV in 2017 which is a 10.1% rise from last year.

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