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Popularity of streaming bundles rise as the subscriber base reach 5 million 15 February 2018

The end of 2017 has brought some good news for the virtual MVPD industry as more than 5 million households subscribed to a virtual MVP service during this time with Sling TV leading the race with 2.3 million subscribers.

DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue with scored silver and bronze respectively with 1.2 million and 600,000 subscribers respectively. The further slots are booked by Hulu with live TV (450,000), YouTube TV (300,000), and FuboTV (150,000).

Regional cable companies although are still dominating the traditional video bundle, vMVPD market despite small in size is managing a steady growth. The contract-free world of streaming bundles empowers consumers to quickly and effectively test multiple services and switch at will.MVPD


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