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Rheo promising to be the next big thing in social media, offers ‘mood-based’ curation 05 June 2017

An exciting new social media platform: Rheo, has just launched and has been founded by iOS streaming Apps creator Alan Cannistraro and Apple News designer Charles Migos. It aims to deliver a series of short-form videos which are curated and personalized according to viewer’s viewing habits and preferences. Rheo boasts of being the first of its kind in terms of merging online video and social networking. Partners such as Refinery29 and Vimeo are providing the social media platform with content currently, however, there are plans for more exclusive content deals.

Rheo uses moods such as laugh, inform, learn, taste, chill, move and spark to curate videos and stream what viewers want to watch which is quite contrary to the traditional navigation by genre, publisher or chart position. New videos are added to its content library every day taken from news and entertainment, comedy and food, music and culture, sports and education sources from around the world. Read More

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