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Russian OTT Services subscription revenue outruns advertising 26 September 2017


According to a report by Telecom Daily, Transactional and Subscription income for Russia’s streaming services superceded advertising revenues in the first half of this year. Total income from streaming services in the first half increased by 70% to hit RUB 5.3 billion. Revenues are expected to grow to RUB 11 billion this year.

Apparently, the leading Russian OTT service is Ivi with a market share of 20.7%, according to Telecom Daily with revenues of RUB 1.1 billion. Ivi’s revenue for the first half rose by 66% year on year, compared with 59% for rival service Okko.
YouTube is ranked second in terms of overall share, with 16.5% share and revenues at RUB 880 million.

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