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Same-day on-demand releases offer convenience but hurt theaters, writes Drew Pendleton 14 April 2015


In the past few years, a trend has begun to take hold in the movie marketplace: the same-day, video-on-demand release. In this scenario, a film is released on both digital video on demand platforms and in theaters – typically in a limited release – on the very same day. ‘While this makes the films more accessible for audiences and allows smaller-budget, independent films to extend their reach, it also presents a problem for theaters that have to fight for attendance.’, writes Drew Pendleton.

Typically, these films lean more toward the independent scale, being smaller and more ambitious film distributors may believe won’t hit it big if released straight to theaters. With the rise of Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and other platforms, it’s become easier for distributors to test the waters for their film by releasing it on those platforms before sending it into a limited theatrical release.

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