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Smooth search could boost revenue for VOD platforms, says Kannuu 23 February 2015


Content and video on demand websites currently see low customer engagement with their search and discovery functionality, meaning users are only browsing through content instead of seeking out what they actually want to watch based on a particular subject matter, title, genre or actor. This leads to poor purchase conversion rates for browsed content. To compare efficiency and ease of use, a head-to-head comparison against four leading search platforms was conducted to determine the average time needed to search for a VoD movie by title. With Kannuu, a search & discovery platform for the content provider industry, users found what they were looking for in a fraction of the time.

Average time needed to select a VoD movie:
•       YouTube (letter grid) – 45 seconds
•       Samsung (on-screen keyboard) – 41 seconds
•       LG (on-screen keyboard) – 29 seconds
•       Netflix (6×6 letter grid) – 27.5 seconds
•       Kannuu (navigation) – 11 seconds

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