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Sony’s Playstation Vue assumed ‘dead on arrival’ by TDG analyst 27 March 2015


Sony’s video streaming service is available for PlayStation 3 and 4 users in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia, offering a variety of broadcast and cable channels in three different tiers at prices ranging from $49.99 to $69.99 per month.

According to TDG research, 53% of US broadband households use a game console — but the users skew young: 74% among 18-24s and 68% among 25-34s. More relevant for Sony, collectively PS3s or PS4s were used by 54% of 18-24s and 56% of 25-34s. Users are also heavily male. When it comes to multiscreen access, Sony has referenced a future iPad app, but Joel Espelian of TDG noted that the launch announcement included no discussion of smartphones and ignored Android and the PC completely.

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