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South Asian Regulators Voice Support For OTT Market 13 January 2016

The South Asian Telecommunication Regulators’ Council (SATRC) workshop on policy, regulation and services held three days of deliberations on various aspects of OTT services; measures to protect consumers’` interests; emerging licensing frameworks; and international connectivity for the provision of broadband services in Nepal late December. The workshop was organized by the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT), and jointly hosted by the Ministry of Information and Communication (MoIC) andNepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA). This workshop was part of the implementation of the SATRC Action Plan Phase V which was adopted at the 15th SATRC meeting held in 2014 in Paro, Bhutan.

With the convergence of technologies and services, data consumption is exploding. The global OTT video services delivery market has changed the way people communicate and consume media. These services create more demand for high speed Internet access but are also pushing network operators to work on new business models and arrangements, particularly in developing countries.

Source : Internet Society

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