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Spotify terminates alliance with Adswizz platform after Pandora acquisition 01 August 2018

Music streaming giant, Spotify is terminating its partnership with digital audio advertising platform AdsWizz since Pandora acquired AdsWizz in March. Winding up its agreement, Spotify remains dedicated to offer advertisers automated solutions to access engaged audience through its self-service ad platform, Spotify Ad Studio.

Spotify had launched programmatic audio capabilities in 2016 and has developed a private marketplace  to integrate with DSPs and self-serve platform.

Pandora, however, remains unfazed by the exit of Spotify. Roger Lynch, Chief Executive Officer, Pandora quoted, “The ‘vast, vast majority’ of publishers have remained on the AdsWizz platform. When we acquired AdsWizz, our assumption was that they would lose some publishers, especially ones that might view us as competitive. The results so far have been much more positive than our expectations. We think that will likely continue because we now represent the vast majority of all audio inventory available programmatically.”

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