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Streaming accounts for 12% of total TV viewing, says Nielsen data 05 October 2017

According to Nielsen Streaming Meter, the measurement specialist, the overall streaming audience and what they are watching, the data reveals gender playing a big role in viewing habits.

Some of it’s findings were:

  • 1,000 U.S homes actively used atleast 1 connected device.
  • Hulu viewers are 62% female.
  • YouTube viewers are 55% male.
  • Netflix and Amazon Prime viewership is more balanced.
  • Over a quarter of all streaming is done by people under 18 years old.
  • Nearly half of streaming is by people under 18.
  • 55% of Amazon Fire TV viewing is spent on Amazon content.
  • Netflix is equally popular on all devices, whereas YouTube is more popular on game consoles.
  • Streaming accounts for 12% of total TV viewing.
  • 48% of viewers spend time viewing Netflix content which accounts for 6% of all TV viewing.
  • Streaming video on demand (SVOD) services were used by 59% of households.
  • 62.5% of TV households are internet TV enabled, meaning they access a streaming service with a connected device.
  • Netflix is the most popular SVOD, in 59% of homes with an SVOD subscription, whereas Amazon is in 31% and Hulu in 13%.

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