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10 Best Mobile Live Streaming Apps for 2024

Shivashish Published on : 15 May 2024

The world of mobile live streaming is growing exponentially over the last few years. With social media, every person today can create content and reach their audience. Live streaming therefore has become one of the most popular and sought-after ways to share talent, and opinions and reach out to a global audience. So it doesn’t matter if you are a gamer, a teacher, a sports commentator or anybody else looking for an audience to show their craft, mobile live streaming paves the way for you to reach out to millions and earn significantly in the process. 

So no matter whether you are a seasoned live streamer or just starting out, read this blog to know about the 10 best mobile live streaming apps that you can use to start your content creator journey.

What is Mobile Live Streaming?

Broadcasting live video and audio content in real-time from a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet catering to an audience accessing that content via the internet is known as mobile live streaming. Mobile live streaming allows users to share their content via just a phone, a live streaming application, and an internet connection.

Becoming increasingly popular due to the social media boom, live streaming via mobile can be done by using popular social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, etc, and also by using various applications such as Muvi Live, Twitch, Periscope, etc. These best live-streaming apps allow the creator to create an audience, interact with that audience and earn revenue from that audience via deploying various monetization models such as AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD.

Post-pandemic, a lot of seasoned creators and also new creators have decided to cater to their audience via mobile live streaming and this makes it one of the most popular forms of sharing and consuming content on the internet.

Latest Trends & Statistics of Mobile Live Streaming

Internet content creators and consumers have increased exponentially. Here are some numbers that should increase your trust in the power of mobile live streaming, its extensive reach, and the growth opportunities it projects for the coming years.

  1. Users have spent 550 billion hours watching live content on mobile devices.
  2. 54% of live streaming is all about gaming.
  3. 23.7% of global users use social media to watch live content.
  4. 40% of marketing managers and directors expect over 40% of the events they attended in 2022 to go completely virtual.
  5. 20% of US users aged between 18-34 watch live streams several times a day.
  6. In December 2022, there were approximately 750.65 million live-streaming users in China, representing a penetration rate of 70.3 percent among internet users.
  7. 23% of global viewing time is spent watching live content; the other 77% goes to on-demand content.

Must-Have Features for Mobile Live Streaming

Mobile live streaming is essentially streaming just by using a mobile device and an internet connection. Hence, the best mobile streaming apps must provide very easy-to-use features that are not demanding as far as processing power is concerned and yet manage to accomplish good-quality streaming.  Here are certain essential features that are a must-have for the seamless mobile live streaming experience.

Easy-to-use Interface

The interface of any application is the most important aspect of it. Especially for mobile live streaming, the user interface must be very easy to navigate and most importantly, provide users with easily visible start and stop buttons to ease with their live streams. Other important details such as billing and analytics must also be clearly marked so that the user can easily access data.

Great Video & Audio Quality

You can create powerful content but it is of value only if the viewers are able to get it in the highest possible quality. The live streaming app should support high-quality audio and video content and adaptive bitrate streaming so that the best quality content is delivered based on the internet speed of the viewer.

Audience Engagement

An important aspect of live streaming is that streamers prefer to engage with their audience during the live stream. The application should have features that allow viewers to comment, react, and ask questions for a seamless interactive experience.

Powerful Analytics

Analyzing the performance of your stream is very important. Therefore, the software must have an analytics dashboard that can track the viewer’s pattern and share details such as stream performance, audience demographics, and other key metrics. 

Piracy & Privacy

Privacy and security are essential for any mobile live-streaming app. The app should have features that protect your privacy and data, including password protection and encryption. It should also include features such as DRMs to protect the content online.

Muvi-Live free trial

10 Best Mobile Live Streaming Apps

Mobile live streaming has become an integral part of the content creation landscape, and choosing the right app with the must-have features can make all the difference. The market is filled with hundreds of live-streaming applications with each one having its own USPs and demerits. Through this blog, you can get a list of Live streaming applications that we consider are good for starting your live-streaming journey. 

1. Muvi Live

Muvi Live is Muvi’s standalone mobile live-streaming application software that lets users start streaming directly from their devices with minimal complex settings and adjustments. It has Enterprise-grade features to broadcast your live events with a professional finish. 


  • Do It Yourself Setup: All our products are based on a no-code ideology which means that you can set up Muvi Live, integrate it into your website or app, and start streaming without writing a single line of code.
  • Go Live With Mobile: With a dedicated Muvi Live app for Android and iOS devices, you can start to live streaming directly from your mobile phones without connecting it to any encoder such as OBS.
  • Data Protection: Muvi Live implements multi-tier DRM that includes popular DRM services such as Widevine, Playready, Fairplay, Marlin, etc., ensuring total protection, irrespective of the user’s device or browser.
  • Built-in CDN: Based on AWS Cloudfront CDN, Muvi Live streams at lightning-fast speeds and minimal latency thanks to a global network of 225+ points of presence in 90 cities.
  • Your Own Branding: With Muvi Live, you can start streaming from the web or apps and integrate your brand name and logo on its player and other aspects thus improving your brand authenticity.
  • Record Live Streams: Muvi Live enables you to record live streams and convert them into standard on-demand content. With the ‘Record Live streams’ feature, you can reuse live streams as per your needs.
  • Live Chat Feature: Interact with your audience directly during live events and you can also add the chat option via embed code to any website, app, or platform.
  • Social Media Integration: Integrate multiple social media platforms and live stream on all of them concurrently with ultra-low latency.
  • Recurring Live Events: Schedule multiple sessions for a recurring event with a single stream key and URL for ease of access.
  • Switch Camera Option: Live stream using multiple cameras and switch between them to create a more engaging experience.


Built on Pay-As-You-Go, there is no subscription fee and users can start streaming right away.

2. Larix

Larix Broadcaster is an open-source software application designed for live video streaming from mobile devices. It allows users to stream live video and audio content from their mobile devices to various streaming platforms.


  1. Android and iOS support.
  2. SDKs for building applications around Larix Broadcaster
  3. Support for multiple codecs such as SRT, RTMP, RTSP, etc.
  4. Play-pause support for live streams.
  5. Larix video player for android tv streaming app and iOS streaming app.


It is a free-to-use limited-use software. SDKs are sold separately.

3. nanoStream

A  platform made for businesses, nanoStream tries to give interactive video experiences to engage your audience anywhere in the world. nanoStream Cloud is designed to suit business-critical requirements while offering limitless possibilities of integration seamlessly. 


  1. Global content delivery network for seamless global streaming.
  2. Adaptive bitrate streaming to deliver the best quality stream based on the user’s device.
  3. iFrame integration for easy embedding into webpages.
  4. Advanced data analytics dashboard.
  5. Multi-protocol setup to support all types of encoders.


Starter packages begin at US $239/month which includes player, APIs, and 200 GB data consumption.

4. YouNow

Built for content creators, YouNow offers you to go live and also discover great creators that are streaming on their platform. It enables users to interact with other live streamers in real-time. 


  1. Meet fellow creators and create by collaborating with them.
  2. Hashtags-based content segregation on the platform.
  3. Integrated chat to interact with creators.


YouNow is free to download. One-time purchases can cost anywhere from $1 to $350. Users can also buy monthly subscriptions for $5. In-app purchases are available for viewers who want to support their favorite creators.

5. Twitch

Owned by Amazon, Twitch is probably the most popular live streaming platform for gamers and eSports enthusiasts. This platform gives the option to creators to earn revenue via multiple modes such as donation, subscription, etc. Millions of streamers use this platform every day to reach their audiences.


  1. Variety of emoticons and chat commands to make chats more entertaining and interactive.
  2. Automatically saves broadcasts that can be viewed later.
  3. Creators can deploy subscription models to earn revenue.
  4. Is available for desktop as well as mobile devices.


Although Twitch is a free-to-use platform, it has a three-tiered program starting with US $4.99 for the base plan.

6. Social Media Tools

Several social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have started giving their users the option to live stream their content directly to their users via mobile phones. They are fairly simple to use and usually do not attract any charges from the user.


  1. It’s free to use and hence affordable.
  2. Huge audience base since the world is on social media.
  3. Easy-to-navigate settings with minimal setup required.
  4. Rewarding programs such as Facebook Stars are being gradually introduced.


Most of the social media-based mobile live streaming platform are completely free to use.

7. Club House

Clubhouse is an live audio streaming platform built for Android and iOS where users can communicate and share ideas based on their preferences, subjects, etc. It is largely regarded as the biggest revolution in the streaming industry of the present time.


  1. Audio-based chat rooms that discuss a variety of topics.
  2. Options to follow specific users or topics.
  3. Creators can monetize content by hosting paid events or charging access to exclusive paid conversations.
  4. Valuable insights about engagement and participation are available.


It is a free-to-use platform but allows users to donate to creators.

8. Restream

With Restream, you can live stream to all the social media channels simultaneously. Having 600M+ active monthly users, Restream is a simple tool that lets you start streaming for a very nominal fee.


  1. Stream scheduler that can stream your recorded videos live.
  2. Supports multiple social media platforms for streaming.
  3. Get insights from streams across all platforms on a single screen.


Paid plans start at US $16/month allowing white-label branding and multi-stream on up to 5 channels.

9. Stream Labs

An open-source free live streaming software, it comes with a range of tools to help creators live stream their content on the internet. It supports desktop as well as mobile-based streaming.


  1. Chatbot feature for interactions with fans.
  2. Integrates with a range of other popular platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  3. Detailed analytics report about stream performance, viewer count, donations, etc.
  4. In-built utilities to help enhance the streaming experience.


A US $19/month subscription gets you the option to add up to 11 people on camera, no watermarks, access to the full app library, and much more.

10. Go Stream

A professional live streaming tool that uses pre-recorded video in your browser. Multistream, Schedule, and more features. Stream to Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and other 30+ Social Media Platforms and Websites.


  1. Easy to use live streaming tool that starts with just a few clicks.
  2. Automate pre-recorded streams on social media and websites.
  3. Set up small utilities such as mini-games before streaming begins during the wait time.
  4. Upload videos to any cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, YouTube, etc, and import links or upload videos from your computer for live streaming.


The basic version starts at US $5/month giving 480p resolution and up to 10 posts a day.

Muvi Live: The Best Live Streaming App for Mobile & Desktop

If you are thinking about getting on a live-streaming journey, Muvi One is all you need to be at the top of your game. A game changer in the field of live streaming, it comes with all the tools and features that you will need to start live streaming.

A package of features such as the ability to run recurring live events, third-party live feeds, 24*7 support, built-in CDN and much more lets the users of Muvi Live get the best live streaming experience.

Muvi Live


What is the safest live-streaming app?

Live streaming on the internet should always be done using a reputed live streaming software that gives DRM support, has a good CDN for low latency, and is designed to be interactive. Do careful research and decide which one works best for you.

Which platform is the best for live streaming?

Muvi Live, an all-in-one live streaming software solution for Muvi One is one of the best live streaming applications available in the market. It’s easy to use does not require any coding to set up, can be integrated with your website and other social media applications, and thus can offer you a great live-streaming experience.

Where can I stream live for free?

Almost all social media platforms offer basic live-streaming facilities for free.

Written by: Shivashish

Shivashish works as a content writer at Muvi. He has worked in domains like e-commerce, employee engagement, sports and entertainment. A poet by heart, Shivashish believes in creating quality content that is rich in information and easy to understand.

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