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Telefónica concentrated on IPTV, expands FTTH in Brazil

Spanish multinational broadband and telecommunications provider Telefónica is banking on the expansion of IPTV with the growth of its FTTH network in Brazil. The company that runs under the Vivo brand, revealed details of the strategic expansion for the local market in a conference. Eduardo Navarro, CEO of Telefónica stated that it plans to implement FTTH in 19 Brazilian cities

While investments in IPTV grew by 30%, investments in fibre rose 37% from 2016 till date as per Teletime. There were 1.66 million pay TV subscribers (DTH + IPTV) at the end of Q117, which is 7% less compared to last year. There were more than 282,000 IPTV subscribers in March, which amounted to a 57.1% increase year-on-year. Read More
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