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Time Shifted TV Viewing Is The Default 17 April 2015


According to new research from Hub Entertainment Research “Time Shifting” viewers, who have broadband and watch at least 5 hours of TV per week, time-shift more TV than they watch live. The average viewer says that 47% of the TV shows they watch are live and 53% are time-shifted. Among Millennials, time shifting is even more common. Viewers 16-34 say that only 39% of the TV they watch in a typical week is live.

Most time-shifted viewing still happens through a set top box, says the report. Together, DVRs (34%) and VOD from a pay TV provider (19%) account for more than half of all time-shifted viewing. The study explores the usage and drivers of four main categories of time-shifting alternatives: DVR, Video on Demand, TV Everywhere and OTT platforms.

Read the entire story here.

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