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Traditional TV has room for video streaming services 26 February 2016

Despite the strong growth of streaming video services, traditional TV is not nearing the end as some fear. According to Hub Entertainment Research, more than 75% broadband users have accessed online-only content in the last half year. While a similar number of people access online video content every week. The number is not surprisingly higher among the younger lot. It has cut into traditional tv viewing time. But nearly the people surveyed, have expressed a positive reaction if their favorite online content was available with an already established player. This indicates that the market is in need of a more hybrid model.

“Even though right now, [streaming video] is perceived as largely a competitor for big media companies, it sounds like like people are open to having brands that are traditional media companies being involved,” said Jon Giegengack principal at Hub. He added, “And it’s big enough of an audience that big media companies can’t afford not to be involved. The key is to do it without killing the golden goose and changing the content people like so much.”

Source: MediaPost

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