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TV Faces Stiff Competition From Internet In Spain 21 December 2015

Research from the Spanish association for media research (AIMC) reveals how much the Internet is modifying TV consumption among Spaniards.

The AIMC has published its Panel Q report, focused on online audience habits, and revealed the strong bonds between TV and the Internet which are commonly used together. Indeed, 65% of Spanish viewers have been online while sitting in front of TV at least once, while 58% do so regularly. For just over two-fifths, it’s a practice that is very common. Conversely, 86% of connected-users watch the TV every day.

But, contrary to other reports pointing to an unstoppable social TV boom in Spain, AIMC noted that only 17% of Internet-TV users are online to comment about what they’re watching.

Social TV addicts choose social media for almost four-fifths of TV-related activities, while the rest prefer short messages OTT video services. Most of the comments (66%) come from smartphones, the most used device, followed by computers (20%) and tablets (14%).

Source : Rapid TV News


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