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UK Is Leading The Shift To Programmatic Advertising 30 December 2015

Programmatic trading is well on its way to dominating the digital ad space and momentum is building to transfer its benefits to TV, with the U.K. arguably leading the way. Barriers blocking the technology’s path will likely see broadcasters and agencies adopting the automation and data gathering efficiencies of programmatic transactions first, while real-time auctions lag some way behind.

Recent research by media regulator Ofcom (in its International Communications Market Report 2015) suggests the U.K. is more advanced in terms of online video consumption than nations such as the U.S., Japan, and Australia. Some 42 percent of homes own a connected TV, more than half of U.K. adults own a tablet, two-thirds own a smartphone, and 31 million adults (70 percent) use free-to-air digital VOD services like BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub.

Source : Online Video

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