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Video on demand growing amongst the older generation too 12 April 2016

Video on demand is becoming a part of everyday lives for many. According to a study by Nielsen, around 43% said that they watch some form of VOD at least once in a day. Numbers are as usual high in the Gen z and Millennial age groups. Around 20% of the ‘Silent Generation’ and around 25% of Baby Boomers report to be watching VOD content at least once a day. Movies are highest consumed, around 80% say so. This is followed by on-demand TV programmes(50%).

Megan Clarken, president, Nielsen Product Leadership, says “… popularity of online-only video services will continue to put pressure on networks and MVPDs… consumers are cutting back on traditional TV services… (though) many aren’t severing the cord completely… cord shaving is likely the biggest threat… consumers… consider(ing) slimmer channel packages… provid(ing) a better match for both preferences and wallets…”

Source: Mediapost

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