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Video streaming to depend mostly on recommendation engines

A report by TDG senior analyst, Alan Wolk shows how recommendation-based program guides on TV interfaces are becoming the new way that will determine viewing. “The old-school grid guide no longer works for today’s viewer,” explains Alan Wolk. He adds “By introducing a recommendation-based program guide, MVPDs can bring their interfaces in line with those of SVOD services like Netflix.”
He also says that the importance on traditional grid will reduce as video on demand services like TV Everywhere, Catch-up TV, etc are coming up. This will help viewers navigate easily through the variety of content from linear, DVR, VoD, and other services. Alan also said “Close to half of all TV viewing now occurs on a time-shifted basis, rendering live network schedules increasingly immaterial. Operators must move beyond the grid and create an interface that reflects today’s viewing behavior.”
Source: IPTV News

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