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VR consumption to grow rapidly 18 October 2017

Ericsson explored the level of consumer interest in virtual reality (VR) for the first time and analyzed its scope in media consumption. The 2017 ConsumerLab TV and Media report revealed Ericsson’s study and uncovered some fascinating findings.

One-third of consumers are projected to be VR users by 2020, and Ericsson notes that the VR technology is expected to play an essential role in the future of TV and video. It also senses and warns that if consumer interest in VR is to increase, several things will need to change.

Close to 55% of consumers planning to get VR devices would prefer it if the headsets were cheaper, and almost 50% think there should be more immersive content available for consumption. One-third said that they would be more interested in VR if they could get a VR bundle from their TV and video provider.

Anders Erlandsson, Senior Advisor at the Ericsson ConsumerLab quoted, “VR has the potential to bring together people from all over the world and create deeper, more personalized, and more complementary media experiences. As consumer expectations for on-demand, mobile and immersive viewing continues to increase, the TV and media industry must focus on delivering highly personalized services in the very best possible quality available.”

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