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Why Live Streaming Is the Future of Fashion Week 14 September 2015

Paris Fashion Week Live Streaming


Ever since IMG, which owns NYFW, began live streaming shows in 2011, viewers have been tuning in in droves. “Streaming has become an important part of how consumers understand brands,” says Matt Edelman, IMG’s head of digital operations and marketing solutions. “It gives designers remarkable reach to audiences and helps build trust. It also generates a unique way to excite them beyond in-person experiences.”

Years ago, Fashion Week was a private, exclusive event open only to those who worked with or wore the collections — store buyers, fashion editors, top clients, the occasional celebrity. Paper invites were sent out, and access was granted just to the names on guest lists. Images were similarly controlled: Photos of the shows came from professional agencies or the brands themselves, but no one else. It was, by and large, a walled-off industry gathering.

But that all changed with the arrival of social media, an explosion in the number of shows, and, yes, the advent of live streaming services. NYFW is now more accessible than ever.

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