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Yahoo Scores A Touchdown With First Live Stream


Let’s assume that the Sunday morning’s NFL game between Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills was on TV. It would have been a soaring TV ratings hit. The real news is, it wasn’t. On TV.

Yahoo, after its NFL live streaming deal, streamed the game for free, which we can see as a test drive to determine potential for delivering more NFL games over the Internet. From what the NFL-Yahoo execs has to say about it, we assume they were really happy about it.

This could be the worst case scenario for many Pay-TV operators that an NFL regular-season matchup featuring two mid-market divisional cellar-dwellers was streamed by Yahoo from London in the early-morning U.S. hours Sunday, drawing a massive audience of 15.2 million unique users.

Yahoo also claimed an impressive 33.6 million unique users for the game it streamed live from Wembley Stadium.



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