Infrastructure Components and Pricing

Muvi’s streaming infrastructure helps you stream content using a network of servers dedicated to hosting in the cloud and delivering video files over the internet. Muvi’s infrastructure components include Storage, Bandwidth, Encoding, DRM, CDN and Streaming Hours


Your usage for the above infrastructure components will be charged as per the rates mentioned on this page if you exceed the free limits.

Infra Pricing

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Storage is the total space needed to store your video and audio content on the cloud. Muvi doesn’t charge for files other than video/audio. Uploading thumbnail images and posters is free and unlimited. 

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US $0.07 per GB

Applicable for:  Muvi One, Muvi Live, Muvi Flex, Muvi Playout


You can purchase Storage in bulk at below mentioned rates

Commitment per month 10 TB at US $0.06 per GB 50 TB at US $0.05 per GB 100 TB at US $0.04 per GB
Charges Per Month US $600 US $2,500 US $4,000


Usage Terms

  • Commitment will be considered for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Muvi will charge customers for their actual commitment value per month irrespective of their usage in a month. For example – If a customer has committed to 50TB/month and consumed only 10TB in a month, we will still charge him for the full 50TB($2500) for that month. i.e. there is no carry forward of unused balance in bulk storage.
  • All excess usage over and above the commitment value will be charged at the discounted rate given at the time of purchase.
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Bandwidth is a metric in streaming that describes the amount of data that can be transferred per time. Bandwidth refers to both, the capacity of your server in terms of how much traffic it can handle and how much data you are actually using. Learn More-->

US $0.09 per GB

Applicable for: Muvi One, Muvi Live*, Muvi Flex, Muvi Playout


You can purchase Bandwidth in bulk at below mentioned rates

For Muvi One, Muvi Flex, Muvi Playout

100 TB 1000 TB 2000 TB 5000 TB
US $0.07/GB US $0.06/GB US $0.05/GB US $0.04/GB


*For Muvi Live

1 TB 2 TB 5 TB 10 TB 20 TB
US $0.08/GB US $0.08/GB US $0.08/GB US $0.07/GB US $0.07/GB


50 TB 100 TB 200 TB 500 TB 1000 TB
US $0.07/GB US $0.06/GB US $0.06/GB US $0.06/GB US $0.05/GB


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It is the process of converting a raw video file into a compatible, compressed, and efficient digital format that is capable of distribution across different screen sizes and resolutions. Encoding converts the file to play seamlessly on multiple screen sizes and auto-detects a resolution based on device and net speed. Learn More-->

US $0.50 per GB

Applicable for: Muvi One, Muvi Flex, Muvi Playout

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Streaming Hours

The total number of hours your content is transmitted over the internet to end-users.  Streaming Hours are calculated as the total duration for which your streaming server runs. *When you start a live stream, Muvi's server will start to handle the stream (encoding, processing). So Streaming Hours = Duration of the stream = Duration that the server runs

US $0.50 per Hour

Applicable for: Muvi Live, Muvi Playout


You can purchase Streaming Hours in bulk at below mentioned rates

100 hours 200 hours 500 hours 1,000 hours 2,000 hours
US $0.45/hour US $0.45/hour US $0.45/hour US $0.43/hour US $0.43/hour


5,000 hours 10,000 hours 20,000 hours 50,000 hours 100,000 hours
US $0.43/hour US $0.40/hour US $0.40/hour US $0.40/hour US $0.35/hour
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Digital Rights Management

DRM protects video & audio content on your streaming platform against illegal screen capturing and downloads. DRM is implemented by inserting code that stops copying, limits the number of devices the content can be accessed on, or specifies a time in which the content can be accessed. Muvi's Multi-DRM solution provides license management features for multiple DRM formats such as Widevine, PlayReady, and FairPlay. Learn More-->

US $0.01 per View

Applicable for: Muvi One, Muvi Live, Muvi Flex, Muvi Playout, Muvi Player

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A "view" is a metric that measures the number of times a video has initiated playback. Actions such as dragging the seek bar, and increasing play speed do not affect the view count. However, if you refresh the player, page, or app and begin playing the video again, the view count will increment.

US $0.001 per View

Applicable for: Muvi Player

You can purchase Views in bulk at below mentioned rates

1Mn Views 10Mn Views 100Mn Views 1Bn Views
US $0.0008/View US $0.0007/View US $0.0006/View US $0.0005/View
US $800 US $7,000 US $60,000 US $500,000



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The professionalism and the level of expertise have been amazing. A great platform, tons of features, and a really good technical crew. We are hoping that this partnership continues for a long period of time.

Erol Mustafov
Erol Mustafov

Co-director Twisted Mirror TV, UK


Muvi provides geo-blocking allowing us to screen films in a specific country so that the future distribution and exhibition options of the films we screen are not hurt. It also provides DRM protection which is a security standard requested by filmmakers.

Ezgi Y
Ezgi Y

Director of Accessible Film Festival, Puruli Culture Art


We were looking for a platform that was cost-effective and more importantly, was consistent. A platform that could answer our questions in terms of any tech problems that are coming our way. And for us that was Muvi.




Cheers to the Muvi team we are really grateful for all their services. We recommend Muvi to all the educational institutions thinking of a platform to use for addressing their digitalization needs, Muvi is the right platform for you with the perfect product & superb services

Vicson Mabanglo
Vicson Mabanglo

Operations Manager at Legal Edge Bar Review Center


Muvi is by far the best avenue as far as creating a streaming service by yourself. Best price, easiest to work with and so much more. Very user-friendly and easy to navigate not only for my team but for those future viewers. It’s a very easy system.

Maurice Woodson
Maurice Woodson

Founder ON Channel, USA


Its been an extremely rewarding and fantastic experience for the last two years. Especially building all the capabilities into an app that is customized and suits exactly what I required. The overall experience has been extremely Professional.

Milan Pintar
Milan Pintar

Founder of XPME TV, Australia