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Infrastructure Fees

You are eligible for free bandwidth plus storage as per your chosen plan. After the free limit is reached, bandwidth & storage are charged as per the rates in the table given below. This also applies to extra egress of data from Muvi One’s CDN (hosted on AWS Cloudfront) to your own custom CDN

Please note, bandwidth and storage costs (if any) are charged for streaming media files and not for web pages or other parts of the application. 

Bandwidth Storage
US$ 0.09 per GB US$ 0.07 per GB


Infra Management Fee

Muvi One allows you to use your own CDN instead of Muvi’s built-in Amazon CloudFront CDN. If you use your own CDN, you will be charged 10% of the bandwidth consumed by the CDN as an infra management fee. Please refer to the help article to learn more.

Bulk Bandwidth Rates

You can purchase bandwidth upfront at the following discounted rates

  • Bandwidth

  • Price Per GB

  • 100 TB
  • $ 0.07
  • 1000 TB
  • $ 0.06
  • 2000 TB
  • $ 0.05
  • 5000 TB
  • $ 0.04

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