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Launch your OTT service instantly with the world's fastest deployable platform.

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As much as it is easy to build your platform on Muvi, it is equally easy to launch it. We have made sure that the intuitive user interface guides you through a set of reflexive steps to add content, add a description, add metadata, set content ordering, categorize, implement monetization model, set policy rules, functionalize payment gateway, and start making money before you can even realize.   

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  • Easy Deployment
  • Website Launch
  • Instant Mobile App Launch
  • Software and Hardware Deployment

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Easy Deployment

The Muvi platform is the fastest deployable OTT platform in the world. Your OTT service can be deployed in the cloud in no time. Deployment requires no coding, unlike any run of the mill OTT platform provider.

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Website Launch

With Muvi, it is very easy to launch your fully responsive website that can run on any desktop or a laptop. The platform provides a set of pre-built templates upon which you can create and design an elegant looking website.

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Instant Mobile App Launch

It is very important that you ensure as good a viewing experience on mobile devices as you offer on a TV or a laptop. Muvi lets you design and deploy your own branded, native, fully featured iOS and Android apps for your OTT service in less than an hour.

Video Monetization

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Software and Hardware Deployment

Since Muvi demands minimal hardware and software requirements, it is very convenient to marry the Muvi architecture into your system. Admin account configuration is the only thing required that involves software compatibility, and that’s it. Your site is up and running.

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