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We are looking for product managers/product owners/business analysts to join our team and help us manage, grow and scale our public facing Website (Product) which drives leads, and generates revenue for us (We are a SaaS product and our website is our biggest sales person). 

As a Product Manager of our website, you will be responsible for the roadmap of our public facing website and all UI/UX related decisions such as user flow, heatmap analysis, traffic analysis, A/B testing, Landing Page updates, User Signup Flow, design, product strategy and roadmap as well as competitive analysis, and come up with a strategy that helps us showcase our Products and offerings in a way that we maximise our conversions. 

Note: This is a full time Product Role, everything and anything you do as a Digital Product Manager for any other product will be required to be done for this role as well, do not dismiss this role considering it’s just a “website”, it’s more than a “website” it’s the company’s face, and interaction with it’s biggest customers and we need to build and grow this as our biggest spokes person! Consider this at par or similar as being the product manager of the marketing website! 


  1. Create, refine and manage product strategy and roadmap.
  2. Be the CEO of Product – manage features, priorities, positioning, to maximise the success of the product in the marketplace. Take ownership of all product management functions including product roadmap, requirement specifications, competition analysis, and product placement.
  3. Document platform requirements including UI/UX wireframes and functionality requirement specifications.
  4. Develop a deep understanding of the markets we serve, informed by customer and competitor research to identify new product opportunities
  5. Collaborate with all cross functional teams, in particular engineering, marketing and sales to build, launch and maintain products
  6. Be excellent at A/B testing, Heatmap analysis, Use Google Analytics for user journey mapping and deliver a better UX.
  7. Be on top of numbers like bounce rates, avg time-spent on site, On-site Conversions and take ownership and responsibility of improving the same.


  1. 3-6 years’ experience as product manager or business analyst in a software company.
  2. You should have a strong technical background, preferably worked as a hands-on software developer in the past.
  3. Strong eye for design UX and UI and ability to create simple and beautiful screens and user experience.
  4. Strong interest in technology – you know what is Blockchain, Deep Learning etc…
  5. Outstanding problem solving abilities from high-level strategizing to managing short-term deadlines
  6. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  7. Strong experience with SCRUM and other agile project management methods.

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