Analytics & Insights

Analyze how subscribers interact with your notification campaigns


Konviare’s Analytics & Insights uses key metrics to track and report, how your subscribers are engaging with your notification campaigns. 

Konviare Analytics offers the standard set of reports for your Email notification campaigns - Read Receipts, Open Reports based on geography, Click-thorough-ratio for embedded links, etc. For SMS & WhatsApp you get reports for the total number of messages sent and delivered.


  • All Your Campaigns Data in One Place
  • Understand Your Audience Better
  • Optimized Messaging


Manage trigger-based multi-channel notifications all from a single screen

All your campaigns data in one place


All Your Campaigns Data in One Place

Keep a tab on all your internal & external campaigns - including emails, SMS & Whatsapp - directly from your Konviare dashboard. Konviare offers real-time stats, so you can quickly identify what’s working and make informed decisions about the type of messaging and the notification channels to focus on.

analytics and insights
analytics and insights

Understand your audience better


Understand Your Audience Better

Konviare’s campaign engagement reports will help you learn more about the behavior of your audience. You can easily find out who is interacting more with your content, and whether they’ve viewed, purchased, or downloaded, so you can create more personalized content that could bring more results.

Optimized Messaging


Optimized Messaging

Use Konviare’s Analytics to identify what your audiences are looking for, what messages they respond to, and apply those insights in developing audience engagement strategies. Use Konviare for - Marketing & sales promotion to earn more customers, Employee engagement to keep them happy and productive, Vendor engagement to improve the revenue share.


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