Manage Audience Lists

Add, edit, segment, and manage your audience list


Audience data can quickly become outdated if not updated regularly and without the latest data, your important contacts will miss out on critical information you share. 

Konviare gives you the ability to manage your audience list from a single screen without needing help from developers. With the audience management feature, you can capture audiences’ basic information(name, email, phone number),  group them into a named list, add/edit contacts, edit or delete lists, etc.


  • Capture Audience Information
  • Create Lists
  • Manage Lists


Manage trigger-based multi-channel notifications all from a single screen

Capture audience Information


Capture Audience Information

Konviare allows you to capture audiences’ basic information, or customize the information fields as per your requirement For Ex. you can add more fields like City & State. You can add audiences manually or using an import utility where you can import your CSV and Excel files.

Manage Audience
audience management

Create Lists


Create Lists

Konviare allows you to create a named audiences list as per your requirement. Once the audience information is captured you can group them into named lists like customers, prospects, product users, etc. These lists can be called automatically to send notifications when a particular event is triggered.

Manage Lists


Manage Lists

Every day new prospects and customers will keep adding, to tackle this Konviare allows you to edit your existing lists, change the list name,  add new audiences, and edit existing audience information.

Manage Lists


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