Manage Notifications

Personalize notifications, customize triggers and manage audiences


Konviare gives you the ability to manage event based notifications across multiple channels without needing help from developers.

With the notification management feature, you can add custom parameters to trigger an alert based on the event. You can also define your target audience along with the contents of the resulting email or text message.


  • Personalize Messages
  • Define Parameters & Variables
  • Manage Audience Lists

Personalize Messages


Personalize Messages

Tailor each notification to build 1:1 relationships with your audiences. Set up notification triggers, add, edit and manage your notifications at the click of a button without the help of a developer. Send different types of notifications such as - instant notifications, triggered by the users, event based notifications: triggered based on actions completed by the user.

Personalize Messages
Define Parameters & Variables for event based notifications

Define Parameters & Variables


Define Parameters & Variables

Konviare allows you to define parameters or variables that can trigger an event to generate user notifications. In addition to notifications triggered by user actions, you can also define notifications for common system events.

Manage Audience Lists


Manage Audience Lists

With every new purchase on your website/app, each newsletter signup, and every click your ads receive, you’re gathering the audience data. Konviare helps you aggregate, organize, and maintain audience lists to better manage relationships with them.

Subscriber Management


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