Mass Notifications

Send instant mass notifications on multiple channels


Mass notification systems are used for sending alerts to a large audience at the same time. The audience could be your sales prospects, customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Konviare’s mass notification feature enables all your mass communications needs across multiple channels. Our multi-channel notification system is secure, cloud-based, and ensures accurate & timely delivery.


  • Reach a Large Audience Conveniently
  • Personalize Every Notification
  • Manage Mass Messaging Campaigns with Ease


Manage trigger-based multi-channel notifications all from a single screen

Reach a Large Audience Conveniently


Reach a Large Audience Conveniently

One of the core advantages of using Konviare’s mass notification feature is that you can get your message out to a large audience in a short amount of time, without needing technical help and all from a single screen.

mass notification systems
mass notifications

Personalize Every Notification


Personalize Every Notification

It may take more time and effort to write personalized messages for each of your customers. Konviare allows you to send notifications with a personal touch to each receiver: instead of the vague ‘Dear Customer’, you can define variables such as $name, $dob, $address, etc. Besides, Konviare is also equipped with templates that may help you make your campaign even more personalized.

Manage Mass Messaging Campaigns with Ease


Manage Mass Messaging Campaigns with Ease

Konviare’s mass notification feature offers a simplistic UI to carry out your mass messaging campaigns. You can manage notifications for your Email, SMS & Whatsapp campaigns together all from a single screen. Moreover, Konviare’s APIs offer simple integration with your website and app to send your mass notification campaigns.

mass notification


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