Multi-channel Engagement

Engage your audience on multiple communication channels


As a company, every interaction or engagement you have with your audience has moved from being a transaction to an experience. In this case, your audience could be your Customers, Employees, Vendors, Resellers, or Partners. 

Companies today are taking a more holistic approach to engage their audiences. Having a multi-channel engagement strategy - the ability to reach via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Social channels seamlessly - is imperative today.

This is where Konviare comes into the picture. Konviare offers you a true multi-channel engagement platform to drive engagement with your audiences, all from a single screen.


  • Reach your Audiences Conveniently
  • Drive Internal as well as External Communication
  • Improve the Audiences' Experience


Manage trigger-based multi-channel notifications all from a single screen

Reach your Audiences Conveniently


Reach your Audiences Conveniently

Today companies are utilizing communication channels that are convenient to use and reduce audiences’ time and effort. For Ex. WhatsApp & SMS are convenient & offer real-time communication over traditional channels like Emails. Konviare’s multi-channel engagement feature offers the same convenience by allowing you to send notifications on multiple channels simultaneously.

multi channel engagement
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Drive Internal as well as External Communication


Drive Internal as well as External Communication

Enterprises can utilize Konviare's Multi-channel engagement feature to drive internal (employees/partners) as well as external (customers/prospects) communication. Examples of Internal Communication are - Crisis Communication, Company Announcements, Safety Tips, Employee Recognition. Examples of External Communication are - Sign-up notifications, marketing/promotional, deals/offers, product recommendations, newsletters, etc.

Improve the Audience’s Experience


Improve the Audiences' Experience

When it comes to communication, a multi-channel approach should be a no-brainer. Multi-channel communication helps to improve the audience’s experience by meeting them where they are, making it easier to get in touch and resolve inquiries more quickly.

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