Predefined Templates

Use predefined notification templates for quick & easy communication


Konviare provides you a set of predefined templates for Email, SMS & WhatsApp notifications, targeted towards industry domains like - Ecommerce, Education, Hospitality, etc. You can use these templates to drive event-based communication with your customers, vendors, partners, or employees.

Templates consist of the standard set of notifications like - Welcome messages when your customers sign-up or make payment, promotional offers, product recommendations, company announcements, safety tips, employee recognition, etc.

You can use predefined templates “as is” or choose to modify them as per your requirement.


  • Ready to Use Templates
  • Consistency and Clarity
  • Select Templates from Konviare CMS

Ready to Use Templates


Ready to Use Templates

Konviare’s predefined templates are ready to use, which requires little or no customization. Ready templates will help you save time and effort compared to writing templates from scratch.

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Improve Consistency & Clarity with Multi-channel Messaging Platform

Consistency and Clarity

Consistency and Clarity

Konviare’s predefined templates are prepared after thorough research, keeping in mind the general audiences' perspective. We used plain business language which is consistent and clear for your audience.

Select Templates from Konviare CMS


Select Templates from Konviare CMS

Predefined templates are set up in Konviare CMS with a clear heading and description. Just select a template you need, this will auto-generate HTML code and configuration to get you started faster. With our in-built editor, you can edit the HTML source or just modify the text. Alternatively, you can select the blank template and start creating your messages from scratch.

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