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Holidays being a huge spend, customers often require trust and reassurances from a travel/hotel website before they commit to giving away a large sum of money.

To win their trust, you should go the extra mile with your customer engagement strategies. Right engagement strategies will automatically draw your customer’s attention and delight them. For Ex - delivering a personalized “safety checklist” before customers begin their holidays. Sending information on cab booking services, nearby shopping centers, or even spa experiences when they are on the trip. 

Integrate a modern multi-channel messaging experience with Konviare.

Konviare gives you the ability to manage notifications from a single screen without needing to make changes at the code level. With Konviare you can easily create, edit, and manage trigger-based notifications from a single dashboard.

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  • Notify your Guests with Personalized Messages
  • Trigger Notifications
  • Integrate Messaging Solutions
  • Welcome your Customers Onboard
  • Send Pre & Post-booking Reminders
  • Drive Loyalty Programs
  • Ask for Feedback

Notify your Guests with Personalized Messages

Notify your Guests with Personalized Messages

Each guest comes with certain expectations, meeting everyone’s expectations is difficult but businesses should always strive for transparency while communicating with guests. For example, In case of flight cancellations or difficult weather conditions, it’s always called good customer service, if you inform the customers beforehand. Konviare helps you manage all types of instant notifications from a single screen, whether you want to inform for flight cancellations, weather conditions, or other important events.


Trigger Notifications

Trigger Notifications

Konviare allows you to quickly add triggers for sending notifications when a particular event occurs. For Ex. You can set the Trigger to send an automated feedback email as soon the customer checks out of your property/hotel. These triggers can be added with our simple-to-use APIs. A customized multi-channel notification can be sent to the customers when a certain event is triggered.

Integrate Messaging Solutions

Integrate Messaging Solutions

Konviare offers you simple-to-use APIs that enable integrations with third-party systems and processes. This will streamline your operational communications and enable your organization to communicate more efficiently. Konviare allows you to integrate with multiple email and marketing management solutions such as Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Hubspot, etc.

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Welcome your_customers onboard

Welcome your customers onboard

Welcome your Customers Onboard

Send your customers a series of well-spaced welcome notifications right after they subscribe, to ensure they have a smooth onboarding experience. Tell your subscribers how to avail your services or send them links to help articles on how to navigate through your website.

Send pre & post-booking reminders

Send Pre & Post-booking Reminders

Send your subscribers pre & post-booking reminders. If someone booked a spa then remind him/her in advance when their appointment is approaching, also give them discounts on cab services to show extra care. If someone booked an outstation cab, then send them discounts on hotel rooms/restaurant meals or send a list of nearby tourist attractions. If you’re sending a series of notifications, space them out over a strategic time interval to avoid inconvenience to your subscribers.

Send pre &_post-booking reminders
Loyalty Programs

Drive Loyalty Programs

Drive Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are an important part of long-term customer engagement and retention strategy. Hospitality companies can implement loyalty-building programs through proper communication channels. Emails and personalized WhatsApp notifications are powerful ways to inform your customers about loyalty programs. Set a trigger for a personalized notification to customers to inform them about the loyalty points they’ve earned after booking a hotel room or a flight. Send them offers like free flight, free merchandise, or a room upgrade, when they accumulate enough loyalty points.

Ask for Feedback

Ask for Feedback

Improvisation is the key to a successful hospitality venture whether it is the services offered, skills, or experience. This is where customer feedback plays an important role. You can utilize all communication channels available to collect feedback. You can ask succinct questions like - what they loved about your service? Do they have any tips for improvement? How likely would they recommend your services to their friends?

Ask for feedback


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