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Muvi Blue helps you launch your branded streaming stick/media box, that seamlessly complements your Streaming App.




Your own branded Streaming Stick or Media Box

Muvi Blue offers a branded streaming experience through an Android TV-based stick or media box exclusively customized with your branding and preloaded with your Muvi-powered streaming app. This ensures that viewers have seamless access to your content every time they use the device.

Additionally, you have the option to pre-install third-party apps for your viewers' convenience or remove the Google Play Store to restrict access to other apps. We collaborate with hardware vendors to provide a white-label TV stick or box, offering a complete solution tailored to your needs.

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Custom App for device

  • Customized Android App: Muvi offers a tailored Android app for your white-label streaming stick or device, enhancing user experience with seamless integration. This customized app allows for personalized features, including a custom boot logo upon device startup and automatic launch of the app for users, eliminating the need for a generic home screen experience.
  • Restricting Google Play Store Access: Muvi collaborates with manufacturers to customize the stick, ensuring the removal of the Google Play Store and preventing users from installing unauthorized apps. 
  • Complete Customization for Users: By combining a customized Android app with restricted app installation capabilities, Muvi delivers a fully customized user experience on Android TV-powered devices. 
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White Label Streaming Stick / Media Boxes

  • White Label Streaming Devices: With Muvi Blue, you can offer your own branded streaming stick or media box, similar to Roku or Fire TV, providing exclusive access to your content for viewers.
  • Seamless Integration: Muvi collaborates with your selected hardware vendor to provide a plug-and-play setup, allowing viewers to start streaming from your OTT platform immediately. The devices are branded with your name and offer a customized user experience tailored to your preferences.

  • Hassle-Free Solution: Muvi's partnership with hardware vendors streamlines the entire process, eliminating the need for your involvement. From custom branding to setup, Muvi handles everything, ensuring a stress-free experience for you.

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Preloaded Apps and Content

  • Seamless Content Transfer: Your existing video streaming platform content and apps are preloaded onto the Streaming Stick/Box, eliminating the need for re-uploading. This ensures a seamless transition and continuity of content for viewers.

  • Expand Content Variety: You have the flexibility to include third-party apps, offering additional content options beyond your videos. This broadens the content library and enhances viewer engagement, capturing a wider audience reach.

  • Controlled App Environment: Choose to remove the Google Play Store and restrict user access to installing third-party apps. This ensures there is no competition for viewer attention, maintaining a focused and exclusive experience for users of your product.

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Launch Your Streaming Stick or Media Box with Muvi

Muvi Blue presents a comprehensive White Labelled solution, to launch your own Streaming Stick/Box that mirrors your brand identity and fosters a personalized connection with your viewers.

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Muvi Blue FAQs

It's both, or a combination of two. You have a custom Android TV powered Stick or Media box (Hardware) and a custom Muvi powered Android App (Software) for your OTT Platform that runs on this hardware

Not at all. We partner with a hardware vendor to offer this solution.

We have a ready solution for Android TV powered devices, however we can work with any device ecosystem and manufacturer to develop a custom app as per their requirements and specifications.

Yes, YOUR LOGO! The media boxes and sticks will typically have your branding and logo on it, very much similar to Amazon Fire TV or Roku Devices.

The user will buy the device/stick from you or your retail partners

To avail Muvi Blue, you must have Muvi Professional and above subscription plan. We charge $10,000 for setup; and for hardware, you need to pay separately. Mainly, the vendor provides the hardware. So, we do not keep any margin for this. The typical cost of an HDMI stick is $35 per unit, and that of a box is $100 per unit. The cost of hardware depends on its technical specifications. Our hardware partners provide the hardware for Muvi Blue. Alternatively, you can also find your own hardware vendor.

Muvi may charge fees based on your requirement, e.g. if it requires special hardware sourcing or specifications apart from our default offering or partners.