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One Ecosystem for all your Educational Needs

Muvi empowers educational institutions to deliver engaging and effective learning experiences, from live streaming university sports, events, and lectures to launching a video portal with video archive management and live meetings/webinars, all within a single ecosystem. Plus, you can have native streaming apps across 16+ web, mobile, and TV ecosystems without the need for coding.

Live Streaming for University Sports and Lectures

    • Immersive Sports Experience: Muvi's live streaming capabilities bring the excitement of university sports events directly to the screens of students, alumni, and fans worldwide. Whether it's football, basketball, or any other sport, Muvi ensures a seamless live viewing experience.

    • Lecture Accessibility: Live stream lectures to accommodate students who can't be physically present on campus. Muvi enables real-time access to lectures, fostering inclusivity and providing a convenient learning option.

    • Live Chat Engagement: Engage students during live lectures with interactive Q&A sessions. Muvi's platform allows for real-time interaction, ensuring that students can ask questions and participate actively.
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Video Learning Portal with Apps & Monetization

    • Enhanced Educational Experience:  Launch a centralized hub for students to access course materials, lectures, and supplementary content with native apps for any time, anywhere access.

    • Assessment and Evaluation: Create and deliver quizzes, assignments, and other assessments, as well as track and evaluate learners’ progress and performance.

  • Certificate Management & Grading: Allow learners to track their grades and learning path. Use our default templates or customize certificates your own way.
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Video Archive, Management, and Sharing

  • Centralized Content Repository: Muvi simplifies video archive management by providing a centralized repository. Easily store and organize lectures, sports events, and other educational content for easy access.

  • Secure Sharing and Access Control: With Muvi, you have control over who can access your video archives. Implement access controls to protect sensitive content and share videos securely with authorized users.

  • Content Monetization: Monetize your video archives by offering them to students, alumni, or the public. Muvi supports various monetization models, including subscriptions and pay-per-view.
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Live Meetings and Webinars

  • Real-time Collaboration: Conduct live meetings and webinars with ease using Muvi. Collaborate in real-time, share presentations, and engage participants regardless of their location.

  • Recording and Playback: Record live meetings and webinars for future reference or for those unable to attend in real time. Muvi ensures that valuable content is not lost.

  • Scalability and Accessibility: Whether you have a small classroom or a global audience, Muvi's live meetings and webinars can scale to accommodate your needs. Reach students and participants worldwide effortlessly.
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Regulatory Compliances

    • ISO 27001 Compliance: Muvi adheres to ISO 27001:2013 organizational security standards and practices for Data Security.

    • HECVAT Compliance: The Higher Education Community Vendor Assessment Tool (HECVAT) helps higher education institutions ensure that cloud IT services are appropriately assessed for security and privacy needs.

    • ADA Compliance:  Muvi is currently 50-60% ADA compliant with its standard templates, It achieve up to 80% compliance with custom development*
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Muvi is your trusted partner in shaping the future of education through live streaming, video content management, and live meetings/webinars. Whether you're a university, college, or online learning platform, Muvi equips you with the tools to engage learners, share knowledge, and expand your educational reach.

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