Muvi Enters the eLearning Segment: Launches eLearning Module for its Flagship Product Muvi One

Ashburn, VA, April 13, 2023: Muvi (, a leading Enterprise SaaS company, has announced the launch of an eLearning module for its content owners and creator-focused end-to-end streaming platform – Muvi One. With the global eLearning market on track to reach 1.72 trillion by 2026 according to Yahoo Finance, online-learning is now the largest and fastest growing method for modern learners.

With the launch of this new eLearning module, Muvi One customers can not only build diverse interactive learning content based on the learners’ interests that enables completion of learning objectives but also provide a rich learning experience consisting of engaging courses, assessments, gradations and certifications at par with any top-tier LMSs.

Muvi One is a no-code streaming platform that boasts of the fastest deployment timeline for content owners/creators looking to launch their own multi-screen streaming services instantly. With the brand new launch of the eLearning module, Muvi aims to target various industry-specific use cases ranging from individual instructors who want to build professional course selling platforms, enterprises that require portals for internal employee onboarding and training as well as training customers and partners, to educational institutes looking to accommodate online learning for students.

The Muvi One’s eLearning module stands out amongst the crowd through its versatility of use - from corporate training of internal employees to professional instructors or schools, colleges selling unique courses - the eLearning module can cater to all kinds of educational use cases. Also, the eLearning module is feature-rich, addressing both streaming as well as educational/evaluation purposes addressing specific content types ranging from AoD/VoD to PDF, PPT and Text. Another unique selling point no other LMS offers is the one-way and two-way live streaming feature instructors can use that can be easily integrated with Muvi Live + Huddle without the intervention of any third-party integration.

With this launch, Muvi One is set to welcome the following features on the eLearning Module:

  • Create courses, chapters and lessons
  • Create quizzes
  • Enhanced UX with the brand new LMS-centric Citrine Template
  • Create and assign certificates
  • Create content types that includes VOD/AOD/PDF/PPT/TEXT
  • Add downloadable resources
  • Monetization of courses
  • Live streaming courses
  • User management features
  • DRM
  • Analytics and reports

Speaking about the new feature launch, Rahul Rawat, Product Manager, Muvi said “With the new eLearning extension, we now widen the focus of our customers who can range from enterprises, educational institutes or individual instructors and extend the versatility of our platform that can accommodate any educational/corporate training use cases.”

He further states, “Our no-code eLearning module will bring more added capabilities and a plethora of features that will not only help our customers to fulfill their streaming based online education/training business use cases in a more prominent way but also make the learning journey of the end-users a simple yet enriching one. Our goal is to build a platform that is easy for our customers to operate and deliver effective online training to their audiences globally. We at Muvi remain focused on developing accessible, leading-edge SaaS-based products for our clients to help them get that edge over their competitors in this digital-first world.

Muvi Products are also available as a free trial for 14 days with access to the entire multi-feature functionality for professional use. To register, please visit our website



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