Muvi launches white label apps for Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire for video content owners

Launch your Video Streaming Platform instantly across platforms like Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire using Muvi’s Video Streaming Platform


31st May, 2016, New York: Muvi a leading white-label video streaming platform for video content owners, extended its eco-system today by announcing the launch of its Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Android TV apps. 

With this announcement, any video content owner like a broadcaster, TV network, distributor, or production house looking to launch their own video streaming platform can launch the same using Muvi in no time across Web, Mobile (iOS and Android), and now also on platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Android TV instantly at a click of a button.

Muvi had last announced the release of its Roku Apps, which allow content owners to get their branded apps published as a Roku Channel seamlessly, with this announcement Muvi’s ecosystem of Media Boxes became much stronger. 

Muvi is a cloud-based End-to-End video streaming platform offering everything required to launch an OTT Multi-Screen video platform from IT infrastructure to Website and Apps for Mobile and TVs at a click of a button, instantly and with ZERO upfront payment! 

Muvi has extended the reach of its platform by including these key media boxes to its range of white-label apps offering based on the feedback and demand it has seen from its customers. 

The apps offered by Muvi on these platforms are native apps, custom build completely from the ground up, and are submitted to the respective app store using a customer’s developer account, allowing them to maintain final control over the app providing a complete white-label experience to the end customer.

The apps are available immediately to existing customers and to new customers as well, at a monthly fee which includes building, deploy, maintenance, and support (24x7) for the apps as well as periodic updates based on security and OS updates pushed by the eco-systems as well as Muvi.

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About Muvi LLC 

Muvi is a popular cloud-based Video Streaming Platform that caters to video content owners and enables them to launch their own-branded Multi-Screen Video Streaming Platform (Live Streaming and Video-on-demand) across the web, mobile and TV at a click of a button instantly, without any coding knowledge or IT teams. Muvi includes everything required to launch the video platform out-of-the-box, from IT Infrastructure to Online Video Player and front end apps like website and apps for Mobile and TV all deployable instantly at a click of a button, with ZERO upfront investment. 


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About Muvi

Muvi LLC is a prominent product-based SaaS company based out of New York. The company provides a cloud-hosted streaming platform and end-to-end solutions for video/audio content owners, broadcasters, TV networks, and content aggregators to launch their own-branded, multi-screen, multi-format OTT streaming service such as Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, Deezer, etc. that can offer both Live & On-Demand content and be delivered across Web, Mobile, and TV instantly.

The company has gained international recognition in the audio/video streaming space and is trusted by 350+ clients in over 50 countries across territories including North America, Europe, Latin America, Middle-East, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

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