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Analytics and Reports

Monitor traffic, views, revenue, and content consumption metrics effortlessly with Muvi One's comprehensive analytics and reports section. Track and optimize platform effectiveness to enhance revenue generation.

User Rating

Enable your users to rate content within your video or audio library. With Muvi One, empower your audience to provide single or multiple ratings and gather valuable feedback on streamed content. Track the performance of your videos and audio to optimize library quality.


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  • Audience management
  • Allow payments via valid mobile number
  • Mobile API for Apps
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Newsletters and Emails

Newsletters consistently stand out as a prime tool for audience engagement. Keep your platform audience informed about newly added content, fostering continuous engagement with your users.

User Management

Empower your audience with tailored content. Utilize built-in user management tools to comprehend audience behavior, offering detailed reports on content consumption. Optimize user experience by delivering preferred genre content, fostering virtual relationships effortlessly.

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