Audio Ads

The industry's first platform that enables you to seamlessly insert and strategically place audio ads within any audio content.

Audio Ads

VAST-based Ads

Easily integrate VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) ad tags with your audio content. VAST ad tags facilitate compatibility with various ad servers and platforms, ensuring seamless ad delivery. This streamlined process simplifies the addition and management of advertisements, enabling quick and efficient setup for your audio ads.

Insert Pre, Mid, and Post Roll Ads

With the flexibility to place ads at the start, middle, or end of your audio content, you can optimize ad placement for maximum engagement and visibility, ensuring your advertisements reach the audience effectively.


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  • VAST Ad Tag Support
  • Pre, Mid, and Post Roll Ad Insertion
  • Non- skippable Ads
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Leverage Non-Skippable Ads

All ads are non-skippable, ensuring they are heard in their entirety. This leads to higher revenue generation as you and your partner advertisers benefit from guaranteed ad impressions, enhancing the value of ad placements.

Keep 100% Revenue, No Revenue Sharing

All the revenue generated by ads goes directly to you. With zero commission charges, you can maximize your earnings and fully benefit from ad placements.

Coming Soon!

Support for VMAP Ad Tags

Muvi One will soon support VMAP formats, allowing for advanced ad scheduling and greater flexibility in ad placements. This feature will enhance your ability to manage multiple ad breaks within a single audio content.

Nonlinear Ads

Muvi One will also support nonlinear ads, enabling admins to include additional details such as posters, CTA links, ad titles, and more. This feature will provide richer ad content and more engaging ad experiences for listeners, further boosting revenue potential.

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