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Multi-bitrate Transcoding

Muvi’s Audio Player online is powered by multi-bitrate transcoding. It synchronizes as per your user’s network bandwidth making the best audio streaming platform experience. No buffering. No interruptions. Seamless Audio Streaming.

Embed Player

Want to embed your audio content with a third-party website or mobile/TV app to increase your revenue? You can do that! Muvi’s website Audio Player incorporates an embed code option that enables you to share the code with your partner platform. The Audio Player online empowers you as an owner by giving you the rights to restrict your partners from embedding content without your permission as well as restrict your content to specific websites.

Sticky Audio Player

Enable your users to continue listening to music, podcast, or any audio while exploring the website. Even when users navigate to different pages within the website, the audio will keep playing without any interruptions. The audio player sticks to the bottom of the screen and does not interfere with all other content on the website. It will also enable the user to control the audio (play, pause, next, previous, volume, shuffle, repeat, queue, share, quality selection, etc.)


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Media Control on Lock Screen

Eliminate even a fraction of the delay! Build a unique audio streaming platform and with Muvi Audio Player, display the audio controls on the device’s lock screen as long as the audio player is enabled in the background. With this, your users can restart, pause, or tap the next on the go without unlocking their phone.

Resume Play

Interruption during playback is perfectly fine as long as users can watch the content exactly where they left off. Muvi's Audio Player online allows your users to take as many pauses as they want and rejoin the fun on one tap. Audio Streaming is made effortless with Muvi!

Playback Speed Control

Muvi's website Audio Player allows your users to increase or slow down the playback at convenience. Let your users speed up the learning with faster playback of lecture notes, podcasts, etc. or correctly grasp the diction of a foreign language and work on transcriptions with slow downed versions—either way without changing the pitch.

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