Audio Playlists

Enhance your content engagement and user experience with personalized audio playlists.

Audio Playlist

Enable Audio Playlist

Enable audio playlists and allow end-users to create their own personalized audio playlists and add audio content to their playlist. Increase the listening time of your audio content.

Create Unlimited Playlists

Enable users to create as many playlists as they desire, tailored to their unique tastes and preferences. This provides endless possibilities for organizing and enjoying content, whether it’s for music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more.


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Add Unlimited Tracks To Playlists

Users can add an endless amount of audio content to their playlists, ensuring that their collections are never limited by arbitrary constraints. This allows for the inclusion of as many songs, podcasts, and other audio content as desired, making it easy to compile extensive libraries tailored to any preference or mood.

Play All Contents

The “Play All” option allows users to enjoy all the audios in their playlists consecutively without the need to select each one individually. This streamlines the listening experience, making it effortless to enjoy a curated collection of songs, podcasts, and more in one seamless session.

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