Content Maturity Ratings

Ensure the right audience sees appropriate content with Content Maturity Ratings.

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Define Maturity Ratings

Enable, create, and manage content maturity ratings for your content. Customize ratings to match your specific requirements, ensuring accurate and relevant classifications for all media.

Assign Ratings to Content

Assign maturity ratings to every type of content, whether it’s video, audio, or documents. Ensure that each piece of content has an appropriate maturity rating to guide and control viewer access effectively.


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  • Define Maturity Ratings
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Control Viewing Experience

Allow end users to watch content suitable for their maturity rating set by the main user profile. Ensure a safe and appropriate viewing experience by restricting access based on assigned maturity ratings. Users and their sub-profiles will only be able to view content that matches their maturity level, enhancing overall content safety.

Enhance Parental Control

Enable parents to manage what their children can watch. Parents can use sub-profiles to control the maturity level of content accessible to their children. This feature gives parents peace of mind, knowing their children are viewing age-appropriate content.

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