Content Workflow

Manage your content's workflow with the flexibility to draft, publish, schedule, and reschedule for a collaborative workflow.

Content Workflow

Collaborative and Quality-Focused Workflow

A thorough workflow and flexible publishing options ensure that every piece of content is uploaded, reviewed, published or scheduled with precision. Foster a collaborative environment among content creators, editors, and administrators with Muvi.

Draft and Review

  • Save as Draft
    This initial state allows content creators to save their work without the risk of premature publication. It's an essential phase where content is uploaded and refined before being shared with the audience.

  • Content Review and Approval
    Once a draft is saved, designated reviewers, such as editors or content managers, can meticulously examine the content, metadata, category, and any additional parameters. This collaborative stage ensures that all content meets the highest standards of quality and adheres to relevant guidelines before going live.
  • Flexible Publishing

  • Instant Publish
    When content passes the review stage, it can be published instantly with just a click. Perfect for timely or urgent content that needs to be shared without delay.

  • Schedule Publish
    Easily automate your content's release for peak audience engagement with user-friendly scheduling. Simply choose the day and time for your content to go live, and move on to your next task with confidence, knowing your content will be published and captivate your audience at their most active moments.
  • Tree

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    Controlled Visibility

  • Unpublish
    Instantly remove content from public view to update metadata or to remove specific content or if you no longer intend the audience to have access as the content.

  • Unpublish Later
    Schedule your content to be unpublished at the precise date and time that you decide, ensuring the content is only accessible for as long as you want it to be.
  • Content Republishing

    Revitalize your content by scheduling it for republishing. This option allows previously unpublished content to re-enter the spotlight, ensuring your valuable content continues to reach new audiences.

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