Customize Encoding Profiles

Define encoding formats, video resolutions, and security.

Set Multiple Encoding Profiles

You can define multiple encoding profiles in the Muvi CMS and choose one encoding profile as default for your content. Once you add a video/audio to your library, the content will be automatically encoded based on the default encoding profile. You can also switch among the defined encoding profiles any time as per your needs.

Customize Video Encoding

Create encoding profiles by defining output formats, resolutions and security (Digital Rights Management(DRM)) for every content that you upload. For example, you can set a profile, say A, with DRM enabled for videos in 720p and 1080p, in both HLS and MPEG DASH formats. Add another profile, say B, for videos in lower resolutions such as 144p and 360p, and output formats in HLS without enabling DRM.

Select Multiple Resolutions and Output Formats

Muvi enables you to select the output formats such as HLS, MPEG DASH, or both for every content you upload. You can also choose multiple resolution formats such as 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2k, and 4K for video content. For audio content, you can choose multiple formats from MP3, WAV, ACC, Ogg, etc.


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  • Set Multiple Encoding Profiles
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Minimize DRM, Bandwidth and Storage Costs

Transcoding video/audio files into multiple resolution formats increases bandwidth usage, storage and delivery costs. Muvi lets you define encoding profiles for your video/audio content that helps you save on costs without compromising on the streaming quality. You can also enable or disable DRM for content as per the encoding profiles you define and save on DRM costs.

Deliver Optimum Streaming Experience

Predefining encoding profiles lets you customize the content playback quality and deliver an optimum streaming experience for your end-users. For example, you can choose a higher resolution for premium content and lower resolutions for free content by creating an encoding profile for each category on your streaming platform.

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