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Upload Directly from Your Computer

No matter where you are, if you have a stable connection, you can quickly upload single or multiple content files from your personal computer or laptop onto your library. You can easily queue multiple uploads without the use of 3rd party plugins or extensions and Muvi will automatically send you an alert once your content is ready to go live.

FTP Uploads

From modern transfers to traditional FTP upload, with Muvi you get a host of options to upload your content. Uploading video/audio content in bulk is now an easy task, simply add all your content to the FTP upload tool and sync your library all at once.

AWS S3 Sync

If your videos are on AWS S3, we make it easier for you to transfer the same. Muvi has an S3 Sync plugin which allows you to Sync your entire content library in a breeze. No added coding and no third-party extensions required.


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  • FTP Uploads
  • AWS S3 Sync
  • Server to Server Transfers
  • Upload from Cloud Drives
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Server to Server Transfers

If you already have your video/audio content on a server, no need to bother. Muvi supports Server-to-Server transfer. Simply provide the path of the server folder where the content is stored and you are done.

Upload from Cloud Drives

If you prefer uploading from third-party cloud drives such as Dropbox, Box.net, Google Drive and OneDrive, no problem. You can import your content simply by adding their URLs and clicking import, allowing you to upload files from your partners very conveniently.

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