Email Marketing

Email newsletters and communications to your audience

Multi-Language Email Marketing

Recognizing the significance of email campaigns in keeping customers informed about new features, content updates, and release versions, we have seamlessly integrated multi-language email marketing functionality into our video and audio streaming platform. With Muvi One, you can stay connected with your customers, ensuring they are always informed about every update.

Offers and Discounts

Leverage email marketing to expand your viewer base by offering promotions and discounts on your video and audio streaming platform. Users appreciate receiving exclusive offers via email, contributing to increased monetization opportunities for your streaming platform.


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Inform your users about content pricing and subscription plans through regular newsletters, ensuring transparency and enhancing user experience on your video and audio streaming platform with Muvi One

Notify Your Users

Ensure that your platform users stay informed about the latest additions to your content library by regularly updating them on the current broadcast list. Establishing frequent interactions with users enhances relationship-building and user retention.