Unlock Seamless Streaming: Harnessing the Power of Encoding & Transcoding

Muvi enables buffer-free playback, efficient storage, and adaptive resolution capabilities. Supporting MPEG-DASH, HLS, and CMAF protocols, along with H.264 video and AAC/MP3 audio codecs, ensuring optimal delivery across devices.

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Video/ Audio Codec

Muvi supports H.264 for video and AAC and MP3 codecs for audio, delivering high-quality streaming experiences with optimal sound and visual clarity.

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Encoding Containers

Muvi supports MP4, MPEG-TS, WebM, and CMAF containers, offering versatile encoding options for streaming on various devices and platforms.

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Muvi enhances adaptive streaming with MPEG-DASH, HLS, and CMAF, ensuring optimal playback on a wide range of devices.

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Buffer-free Streaming

Reducing file size and transcoding it to multiple resolutions, to deliver the content ensures a buffer-free streaming experience for users.

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Storage Space Optimization

Encoding optimizes storage and delivery, as the file sizes are compressed to acquire less space, resulting in faster content delivery.

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Multiple Resolution Formats

Transcoding videos to multiple resolutions enables the content to be delivered to all devices, irrespective of resolution or internet speed.

Auto Encoding

Upload your raw footage and let Muvi take over. Our integrated encoding transforms your videos into a ready-to-stream digital format, compressing them for optimal delivery—with no need for external encoders.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Muvi's Adaptive Bitrate Streaming is designed to ensure a buffer-free streaming journey for every viewer. Our intelligent system dynamically adjusts video resolution to match the viewer's internet connectivity, seamlessly delivering the optimal balance of quality and smooth playback.

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Progressive Encoding

Muvi's Progressive Encoding ensures your content is progressively layered for immediate playback. As your audience watches, the quality dynamically improves, adapting to their internet speed without a pause. This seamless transition guarantees your video is always in its optimal resolution.

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Multi-Resolution Transcoding

Muvi’s transcoding engine automatically tailors your content to multiple resolutions, ensuring your videos are optimal for streaming on any device. With Muvi, your audience enjoys flawless playback, whether on a smartphone or a 4K TV, without any extra effort from you.

Multiple Encoding Profiles

Create multiple encoding profiles with multiple resolution combinations, or select a default profile for auto-encoding upon upload. Switch between profiles ensuring your streams are always optimized for the ultimate viewer experience.

Per-title Encoding

Muvi supports per-title encoding that employs advanced algorithms to analyze each video's complexity and content type, customizing the encoding process to match its unique characteristics. By optimizing the bitrate and resolution specifically for each title, we ensure maximum quality with minimal bandwidth usage. This means viewers experience crisp, clear visuals tailored to their device and network conditions, without unnecessary data expenditure.

Storage Savings
Transmission Savings
Encoding-time Savings
Improvement in Video Quality

Lossless Audio

Muvi’s lossless audio compression algorithms compress the audio data in a way that reduces file size without discarding any data, so that listeners can experience the audio exactly as you created it, with no loss of quality.

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