Multiple User Sub-profiles

Allow users to create multiple sub-profiles, and set the number of sub-profiles limit.

Enable and Set Limits for Sub-profiles

Activate sub-profiles with a single click in your Muvi One CMS. As an administrator, you can enable or disable this feature and set limits on the number of sub-profiles according to your preferences.

Customizable Sub- profiles

Enable users to easily identify and navigate sub-profiles by adding personalized avatars and names. Enhance user experience and make managing multiple profiles more intuitive.

Personalized Content Recommendations

Drive engagement and satisfaction by offering a personalized viewing experience on your platform. Through sub-profiles, users can maintain separate watch histories, preferences, and recommendations, enhancing their overall enjoyment and connection with your content.

Enhance User Experience

Empower your users with personalized content experiences across Web, Mobile, and TV applications with multiple sub-profiles. This allows friends and family members to enjoy tailored content, manage watch history, and curate playlists within a single account.

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