End User Sub-Profiles

Create and manage end user sub-profiles

Enhance User Experience

Empower your users with personalized content experiences across Web, Mobile, and TV applications by leveraging the multiple sub-profile feature offered by Muvi One. This functionality allows friends and family members to enjoy tailored content, manage watch history, and curate playlists within a single account. Currently, Muvi One supports the creation of up to five sub-profiles per account.

Simplified Setup with One-Click Enablement

Activate the sub-profile feature effortlessly with just one click within your Muvi One CMS. As the administrator, you have the flexibility to enable or disable this feature according to your store's preferences, ensuring seamless user management for your audience.

Tailor Content Recommendations

Drive engagement and satisfaction by offering a personalized viewing experience on your platform. Through sub-profiles, users can maintain separate watch histories, preferences, and recommendations, enhancing their overall enjoyment and engagement with your content.


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  • Create multiple sub-profiles
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Flexible User Management

Muvi One provides flexible user management options through two distinct sub-profile structures. Users can access multiple profiles within a single account, like Netflix, utilizing a single set of credentials for streamlined navigation. Alternatively, the platform supports sub-users with individual logins managed by a primary user (admin), catering to scenarios necessitating separate billing and access privileges for each user.

Customize User Identification

Facilitate easy identification and navigation within sub-profiles by allowing users to add personalized avatars and names. Admins can also integrate customized avatars to enhance the branding and visual appeal of your platform, further enriching the user experience.

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