Free Contents

Allow your audience to watch selected content for free - build trust and generate revenue.

Free Contents

Activate Free Contents in One Click

Enable users to access specific content for free with just one click. This feature allows for strategic content offerings, such as making the first episode of a series available at no cost, to attract viewers. This tactic helps to enhance user engagement and encourage subscriptions by showcasing the quality of the content, ultimately driving higher subscription conversions.

Access Control

Decide whether users require registration and login to access free content. This decision allows you to offer content without barriers or to encourage registration, enabling access to free content while opening opportunities for monetization through targeted marketing strategies.

Override Monetization Settings

When specific content is marked as free, this action automatically overrides any existing monetization settings for that content, ensuring that your promotional strategies are executed seamlessly.


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Re-monetize Free Content

Revert content to its original monetized state in a click. This grants unparalleled flexibility in content strategy, allowing for seamless adaptation between periods of free and standard monetization.

Use as a Marketing Tool

End users benefit from the ability to watch free content without the need to make a purchase. This direct access encourages exploration of your content library, increasing the chances of converting viewers into paying subscribers.

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