GDPR Compliance

Simplify GDPR compliance for your Muvi website and apps with streamlined processes

Cookie Policy

Muvi One facilitates a customizable cookie message, easily enabled through the CMS and presented in various languages. This message appears when users visit your site. Define a personalized cookie policy through Muvi One's CMS and create a dedicated page using static pages on your website. Cookies on the Muvi One platform serve to store end-users' preferred language for session management, video, and audio logging, without collecting or storing any personal information.

Data De-Linking

With Muvi One, users have the flexibility to set a timeframe for unlinking or anonymizing end-user logs or transactions. This feature allows for the removal of identifying details from collected data after a designated period, configurable directly within the CMS.

Minimum Data Collection & Storage

On the Muvi One platform, only essential user information – name, email, and password – is collected for access to functions like login, purchases, and content authentication. This data is securely stored until a store is deleted (30 days from grace period expiry). Users retain the privilege to delete specific users, where existing logs are de-linked, and only user email is retained for misuse prevention.


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Request Consent

Muvi One customers can request consent from their users. Add a checkbox to the registration page by putting a custom user profile field. The checkbox can be made either mandatory or optional as per your convenience and or requirement.

Withdrawal of Consent

Users can effortlessly revoke consent for sharing information with your store or the Muvi One platform by accessing their profiles. Access detailed logs, including consent timestamps, conveniently exported within the CMS.

Two Factor Authentication

Elevate the security of your online stores with Muvi One's two-factor authentication via email for all admin accounts. Safeguard access to your store and CMS effectively with this essential feature.

Last Login & User Deletion

Utilize the Muvi One platform to access a user's recent login details via the CMS or by exporting user data. Employ end-user support within the CMS to efficiently remove inactive users from your store, enhancing store management effortlessly.

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